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Prize for Hyperionwitch by Miniyuna
Prize for Hyperionwitch
first place prize for hyperionwitch for winning the halloween contest at :iconroguesofaxiom: ! CONGRATS
ROA: Luxena - The Boisterous Bruiser by Miniyuna
ROA: Luxena - The Boisterous Bruiser
Name - Luxena (Lucks-ena)
Nickname - Lux
Proof of Existence - The Boisterous Bruiser
Element - Muscle
Weapon - MWeighted Bandsx4
World - San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6)
Age - 23
Height - 5'3"

Luxena is an energetic cinnamon roll that could actually kill you if she wanted. She loves all things pink and cute, but is also the biggest fan of fighting and suplexing anyone or thing that warrants it. She's loud and proud, and just wants to have a good time, and could probably talk your ears off if you get her on the right topic. She'll carry on for hours talking about cute things, and just as long when concerning girl sports or muscles (obviously). She's a little blunt so she might recognize sensitive social cues, but she's not downright mean. Regardless, she's relatively easy to get along with and mainly she use wants to have fun. 

With the element of Muscle, Luxena is able to enhance the muscles within her own body to give her great strength to help her beat the crap out of her opponents. When she needs to punch out/suplex someone, she enhances the muscles in her upper body to do so, same concept if she needs to grapple/kick something with her thighs/legs. One of her favorite (if crude) is to enhance her glutes so she can knock someone out with her butt. She can only enhance a selective amount of muscles at a time, but she can keep the form for a long time. When it comes to her berserk form, that's when she enhances ALL the muscles in her body and grows in size (ie: the Hulk) and rampages for a short amount of time.

• Is a very profound mixed martial artist/body builder, and uses many forms/grapples and stances when she fights.
• Loves watching women's wrestling and sports.
• Has a huge collection of stuffed animals.
• Gets very emotional about magical boy and pastel pony shows.
• If you insult any of her stuffed animals however, she WILL punch you.


OOP so recently ROA made a rule where we can have two nobodies, so  I've always wanted to have a cute pink nobody with the element of muscle SO HERE WE ARE! I love Loxley but he's not a cute pink girl XD I hope you guys like her!
Loxley: The Pyrrhic Huntsman 2.0 by Miniyuna
Loxley: The Pyrrhic Huntsman 2.0

Name: Loxley
Proof of Existence: The Pyrrhic Huntsman
Somebody: Lleyo the Fox 
Age: 38
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Weapon: Dual Axes
Element: Polarity; applying positive and negative charges to objects, so they will attract or repel.
World: Sherwood Forest; Robin Hood

Loxley is a man of few words, but will not hesitate to speak if it is required of him. He will always follow the orders of his Superiors, and do as he's told, but with becoming a high ranking officer, being trusted with handling missions and aiding with day to day handling of the group, he is more than capable of giving out his own orders when needed. After the Deep Dive event, Loxley associates fighting with the intense emotions of anger he felt while fighting Pandion. So while he'll never start a fight, when engaged in one, sparring or not, he is overcome with a strong bloodlust and will finish the fight one way or another. Outside of battle though, Lox is very non-judgemental person, and he is always willing to lend an ear and a few short words of advice to anyone that needs it.

Loxley has evolved his fighting style to be competent at close and long range. His strength and agility have improved, though he's more ferocious up close than he is at long range. If possible he'll stalk his prey and wait for the right moment, true to his huntsman title. While he will always try to use the environment for tactical advantage, he will combine his element and his axes to strike a enemy down.

Movelist from the sheet:
There are SEVERAL different ways Loxley can utilize his element in battle. Most are just different variations of the same move with different uses. 
Axe Hover: By altering the polarity field around his weapons, he can have them hover next to him, and follow him. He usually resorts to holding them in battle however.
Decoy Lure: Applies a positive charge to a tree/rock some kind of object, and a negative charge to the enemy so they will be pulled to the tree and will be stuck there till he drops the charges or is attacked.
Eagle Eye: Applies a Positive magnetic charge to his axe and a Negative charge to the enemy, so no matter where he throws it, it'll always be drawn to them.
-Will be a one hit KO most of the time UNLESS; his focus is broken, he is attacked, if they manage to see the axe in time and block it. 
Surface Cling: Applies positive charges to his feet, and a negative charge to the wall/ceiling to cling to it to use it for hiding, ambushes, vantage points, dodging etc. Does not work on water.
Static Trap: Utilizes the same principles as Surface Cling, only to trap the enemy by putting two negative charges on their feet, and a positive charge to their surrounding area. Does not work on water.
Weapon Cling: This move is active nearly all the time, by simply putting a positive charge on his hand and a negative one on his axe so that it won't get knocked out of his hand, or for a quick retrieval of weapon.
Ally Catch: If a comrade is falling or something of the sort, Lox can apply positive charges, one to a teammate, and one to the area they're approximately gonna fall in to catch them safely.
-Float: He can alter the Polarity around him so he can float/doge/push himself forward. He doesn't like being off the ground so he doesn't use it much.
Repel Shield: If he is low in health, or too close to an enemy, he applies a Positive charge to himself and a Positive charge to the enemy, so they won't be able to come near him, and he can reach far distance safely. He can also apply this to teammates if they need help. 
-Catch & Return: If projectiles are thrown at him, he can catch them and send them back.
Force Suspend: The opposite version of Ally Catch, he instead applies negative charges to the ground and the enemy to trip them and suspend them in the air.
Uproot: Uses multiple charges to create an artificial polarity field to pull objects; trees, rocks, signs etc. up from the ground to hurl at the opponent. 
Axe Combine: He applies negative and positive charges to his axes and combines them before throwing it at the enemy.
Berserk Mode- Drag to Hell: Due to his anger during battle and extreme blood lust, Drag to Hell can happen at any time he goes over the edge. He applies his full positive charge to himself, and negative chargers to any enemies around him and drags them toward him so he can land the killing blows. He cannot use Polarity for anything else as long as he is in berserk mode.

NOTE: Loxley can pull objects towards him without resorting to his Berserk mode. He can also send objects to people by simply applying charges. 

No longer does Loxley have charge limits. He can combine his powers in many ways, but before reaching his limit he'll resort to close range if he's lucid enough.

Fun Facts:
Loxley likes Nature, animals, the rules, listening, eating/chocolate, and taking long walks.
He also cut his hair himself by chopping his bangs off with his axe
To help raise money for OI's subscription I've decided to start selling shirts!

I've made shirt versions of some of my favorite art pieces, and there will be tons of new designs! For the first two days they will ALL be on sale for $14, so get them while you can!

Magical Girl Pearl by Miniyuna

Please give the store a visit HERE! 

Thank you! :heart:

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